Since I received my first camcorder at the age of nine, I've been behind the camera capturing the memories of my family and friends.  I'd find myself spending hours every day editing film so that I could gift my family with the memories of the vacations or weddings we had attended.  As I began uploading my videos on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other social networks, the compliments and support I received began to grow and finally pushed me to begin shooting more films.

Film production is the heart and soul of my passion for storytelling.  With that in mind, I thrive at creating the scripted story or capturing the real world in a high definition film. Beautiful cinematography, crisp professional audio, and well structured editing all come standard with any MAKMA Films project; it is in the story itself, however, where the real magic happens.  This is where I engage your audience in the world we’ve created and ultimately connect them with your message on the screen. 

Our high definition film packages are only a framework and can be fully customized to fit your style.  At the end of the day, the films we create belong to our client and we work hard to satisfy the occasional desire to mix and match features from different packages- or even create a new feature! We are documentary filmmakers and professional editors who can create anything and everything for you.  

At this time, we aren't taking on any projects. 


But enough about us, let's focus on you!